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Don't use Drain Cleaning Liquids they can chew up your pipes and take years off of them. Especially on Metal pipes, but all pipes can be damaged by them. Another BIG reason not to use them: They are NOT Eco-Friendly! You are basically pouring Raw chemicals into the water-supply. Bobby T's Plumbing in Shoreline, WA always tries to be eco-friendly and will help you to be too.
We now offer Water Service Installation (from meter to house) and have products with warranties.

Eco-Friendly Tips that Can Save Unnecessary Plumbing Bill

Garbage Disposal Advice

Even if you have a Garbage Disposal in your kitchen sink in your Seattle home, you should scrape your excessive food scraps into a Compost Container or Garbage can (but Compost is the best for the environment!). This will take the load off the Garbage Disposal because they really weren't designed to be there to eat up tons of food scraps - a little over time is ok, but big bulky chunks all at once can clog up your pipes and over time cause a build-up that will eventually result in needing a Seattle plumber to come and fix things.

Bobby T's is an Eco-Friendly Seattle Plumber that wants to help you care for the environment

You can buy small compost cans that can fit under your sink that are air-tight and can later be dumped into a larger outside compost bin, or your Yard Waste Container (though check the Seattle rules or what ever region you live in on what is acceptable food scraps in Yard Waste). You'll be helping the environment and reducing the number of times you have to call a Seattle Plumbing Service Company.

Avoid Drain Cleaning or Unclogging Products

Even though these products claim to not damage pipes they do - they are basically a corrosive agent by their very nature! That's how they work. They try to eat up the gunk that is clogging your pipes and while they are doing that, they are also eating up your pipes. Especially if you try to use them to unclog a drain and you notice that it doesn't clear it, this is the worst! It then is just sitting in your pipe chewing up everything around it.

What is better is to just call your eco-friendly Seattle Plumber, Bobby T, and clear the pipe out in an environmentally conscious way. Pouring a Drain Cleaning Fluid down your sink is literally pouring chemicals into the water system! Please don't hurt mother nature this way, let us help keep the Earth green.